The Bay Area Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee was formed as an effort to accompany, organize and act in solidarity with the struggling peoples of the region. As a group, while having diverse ideologies, we share the common goal of total freedom: we are both anti-capitalists and anti-fascists. We understand the fight against capitalism and authoritarianism as global, and as a means for a borderless and classless world, we wish to act internationally, alongside all those who are waging this struggle. 

Mesopotamia, once home to many of the ancient Middle East’s most vibrant cultures, is today bounded by the nation-states of Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Within these modern, artificial borders lie some of the most challenging realities of modern capitalism—as well as some of the most resilient efforts to imagine and create a new world. We see Rojava, with its new examples of communal life that attempt to transcend capitalist social relations, as a source of profound inspiration. Importantly, the autonomous women’s revolution there has become a rallying cry for liberation from patriarchy.

By acting together with other revolutionaries in our immediate area, the Mesopotamian Solidarity Committee aims to raise awareness around what is happening in the region, as we practice determined—yet critical—solidarity.