Statement for the Newroz Celebration

At the celebration of resistance and freedom, on this day where we say hello to a new season, we are lighting the fire for freedom, resistance and the peoples.

Cejna Nêwroze li gelek kurd pîroz be!!

Newroz is celebrated across the borders of 23 different countries. Some fast, some light fires, some give gifts and some have festivals. But some add the fire of rebellion to their rebellions following in the footsteps of the Blacksmith Kawa.

However it is celebrated we know that: For all of us Newroz is love, peace, hope and solidarity.

Newroz is a bright sky, it is freedom.

The Bay Area Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee was formed as an effort to accompany, organize and act in solidarity with the struggling peoples of the region. As a group, while having diverse ideologies, we share the common goal of total freedom: we are both anti-capitalists and anti-fascists. We understand the fight against capitalism and authoritarianism as global, and as a means for a borderless and classless world, we wish to act internationally, alongside all those who are waging this struggle.

We welcome those who share this perspective to join in organizing with us.

We know that by only acting together can we stand against fascism and write history by showing that another world is possible.

Today here, We commemorate the Internationalist Revolutionary, friend of the Kurds, martyr of humanity Michael Israel along with paying our respects to all who have given their lives for revolution and light the fire of insurrection along the path of humanity and struggle.

Their insurrections are ours too!!!!

we cry: We won’t kneel to tyranny.

Without any doubt We Will Win