Solidarity in the Midst of Antifascist Struggles in the Bay Area

As anti-fascist and anti-capitalist organizers, we condemn the far-right rallies planned for San Francisco and Berkeley. From Mesopotamia to La Misión, we condemn the violence of borders and jails, which fascists claim are not violent ENOUGH. They reject ideas like “freedom,” “peace,” or “justice” on principle, so no matter what they call themselves, we know these rallies are not about “free speech,” “patriotism,” or even “Trump.” We are angry (but not surprised) that Bay Area oligarchs and their allies in media, state, and civil society are discouraging direct action. We honor the diversity of tactics locals may use to defend their bodies, communities, and ways of life from the Golden State Skinheads, KKK, Proud Boys, or #FastAgent. We do not seek solutions from failing institutions like capitalism or the state, whose crises of legitimacy have allowed the most sadistic elements of society to congeal into an international cult of barbarism, the pulpits of which are the White House and Kremlin. Their rituals of hierarchy and subjugation have taught the “alt-right” most of what they know about brutalizing the “weak” and worshipping the “strong.” In our lands of origin, some of us have personally witnessed the dysfunction, humiliation, and cruelty which regular people endure when fascist cadres live their myth through our bodies. We are especially disturbed by the fallacy of “two sides” or “left and right extremists” advanced by centrists who cannot connect racist thuggery to fundamental flaws in the American project. Right-wing regimes in Mesopotamia and beyond have justified torture and mass murder by using this same fallacy to frame state terror as “restoring order”. We support any and all resistance against Trump, Ed Lee, or Berkeley PD should they manipulate this crisis to expand their powers. This is not just a battle between right and left, or even right and wrong; it is a battle between life and death. There is only one “side”: humanity. There is only one “extreme”: structural violence. We continue to be inspired by liberation projects in and around Rojava, which seek a horizontal, intersectional, sustainable alternative to capitalism, fascism, nation-states, and borders. We look to Rojava’s holistic model of anti-fascist organizing through armed struggle, neighborhood councils, use-based economy, ecological sustainability, and political sovereignty of Womyn. As the enemy of difference, equality, and freedom – in short, life – fascism must be confronted and defeated in every space, on every square inch. All colors are beautiful! Fasizme karsi omuz omuza! Jin, jîyan, azadî!