Brace Belden’s (@pissgrandad) Report-back from Rojava

Join us for a evening with Brace Belden who recently back from fighting with the Syrian Democratic Forces in Rojava). Brace, who gained notoriety with his uncompromising, and uncompromisingly witty tweets from Rojava will talk about his time on the battlefield, being a foreigner in solidarity amongst the Kurdish ranks and the complex balance of political forces on the ground as well as how what is happening in Rojava is relevant to the Bay Area.

Entrance will be a sliding scale of $5-20.

#NoFlyZone4Rojava: Twitter Responds to Turkey’s Aggression Against Rojava

Organizers from across nations and language are taking aim at the latest atrocities of Turkish State against the people of Rojava throughout social media. The YPG suffered 20 fatalities by Turkish airstrikes as they fight Daesh, though the number may be apt to increase.

As of Wednesday morning, organizers on Twitter have collaborated in spreading the hastag #NoFlyZone4Rojava, in an attempt to pressure governments to halt further Turkish action on the YPG.

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Solidarity with the Women of Rojava at the Oakland Women’s Strike

The following was stated at the Women’s March in Oakland:

Women have historically been—and continue to be—integral to our collective resistance against capitalism, fascism and patriarchy.  Women—all women, however we choose to identify ourselves—are the agents of our own liberation. We have raised our fists, and learned that only by taking part in the making of revolution will we have a voice. In struggling against the patriarchal capitalist system we follow in the tradition of the thousands of women who went on strike in the textile mills of New York on March 8, 1857.

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