Upcoming Rojava Solidarity Protests Show Support Against Turkish Military Invasion Plans

January 27th and 28th marks an international efforts to build solidarity and awareness towards Rojava. This comes after the American departure of the region, putting Rojava into possible invasion by Turkey.

The Bay Area community is rallying at noon at Union Square to bring attention of this development. The California Kurdish Community Center, the Bay Area Light Brigade, the Emergency Committee for Rojava, along with ourselves, the Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee, are part of the effort.

Actions are being planned throughout the country and the world.

#NoFlyZone4Rojava: Twitter Responds to Turkey’s Aggression Against Rojava

Organizers from across nations and language are taking aim at the latest atrocities of Turkish State against the people of Rojava throughout social media. The YPG suffered 20 fatalities by Turkish airstrikes as they fight Daesh, though the number may be apt to increase.

As of Wednesday morning, organizers on Twitter have collaborated in spreading the hastag #NoFlyZone4Rojava, in an attempt to pressure governments to halt further Turkish action on the YPG.

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