Upcoming Rojava Solidarity Protests Show Support Against Turkish Military Invasion Plans

January 27th and 28th marks an international efforts to build solidarity and awareness towards Rojava. This comes after the American departure of the region, putting Rojava into possible invasion by Turkey.

The Bay Area community is rallying at noon at Union Square to bring attention of this development. The California Kurdish Community Center, the Bay Area Light Brigade, the Emergency Committee for Rojava, along with ourselves, the Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee, are part of the effort.

Actions are being planned throughout the country and the world.

Class on the Rojava Revolution Opens at the Experimental College of SFSU

In collaboration with the SFSU Anarchist Student Committee, the Bay Mesopotamia Area Solidarity Committee has launched a class on the Rojava Revolution.  The class aims to provide an overview of the Rojava Revolution – it’s history, theory and relevance to the world. This is possible with the Experimental College, a radical pedagogical program that has recently restarted at San Francisco State University for the Spring 2018 semester.

The Rojava class appears in a time when there is high military tension in Rojava, as the Turkish government attempts to invade the Afrin canton. Despite the success of the Rojava Revolution, little is known or mentioned in radical circles, making a need for information, education and solidarity on the issue.

The Experimental College at SFSU was a prefiguration of what would be the formalized Ethnic Studies Department in the 1960s. After being in contention with funding and later co-optation, ExCo disappeared. However, in the face of austerity, ExCo has now re-lauched. The program is self-managed by students, who have the freedom to shape and teach their classes of their own expertise and desire.

In much the same anarchistic spirit, the class attempts to operate in a bottom-up fashion. An (already agreed) collective syllabus characterizes the class. The invitation of speakers  in relation to the Kurdish autonomy movement avoids the remaking of a hierarchical class by the facilitator, de-centering the lecturer and prioritizing the needs and questions of the students. The class is also open to the public, without the need for attendees to be registered with the university.

Meeting times of the Rojava class are on every Tuesday at the Humanities Building in room 114, from 5-6pm. The class is in duration for the 2018 Spring Semester. For more information  contact the facilitator at: [email protected]


Humanities Building


Brace Belden’s (@pissgrandad) Report-back from Rojava

Join us for a evening with Brace Belden who recently back from fighting with the Syrian Democratic Forces in Rojava). Brace, who gained notoriety with his uncompromising, and uncompromisingly witty tweets from Rojava will talk about his time on the battlefield, being a foreigner in solidarity amongst the Kurdish ranks and the complex balance of political forces on the ground as well as how what is happening in Rojava is relevant to the Bay Area.

Entrance will be a sliding scale of $5-20.

Newroz 2017 Bay Area Celebration

Newroz, celebrated by many of the peoples in Mesopotamia as the new year, falls on the spring equinox and is significant for the Kurdish people as a day of uprising. On this day, bonfires are lit throughout Kurdistan as people celebrate the coming season of resistance. Let’s join with the California Kurdish community in lighting the Newroz fires of resistance.

Bring banners, flags and firewood! We will all meet at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

We will be commemorating Robin Agiri (Michael Israel) who was killed by Turkish jets while fighting with the YPG in September.

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